Foreground Background
Neta Cones | Shir Lusky curated by Orit Bulgaru

1st – 19th January 2018

Omer Tiroche Gallery is proud to present Foreground Background, a photography exhibition featuring the works of Neta Cones and Shir Lusky, curated by Orit Bulgaru. Together the artists examine sculptural objects and their environments through photography; exploring the physicality and composition of sculpture, as well as the transition from three to two dimensions which the medium of photography demands.

In Cones’s work Rock Paper Scissors, 2017, the artist requisitions photographic paper as a raw sculptural material. The work consists of three layers of photographs, all of which emphasize the division between foreground and background. The upper layer shows a photographic collage of which the central object is a rough, columnar form, comprised of layers of gravel and cement situated against a stark background. Created during the drilling of a domestic wall, the form provides an X-ray view of the structure – a textural cross-section – exposing the hidden through expanding the field of view and acting as an allegory of photography.

An interest in sculptural forms and their contexts is also found in the works of Lusky. Her subjects are typically organic objects with a distinctly formal appearance; objects whose life cycles have ended and which have been discarded after use. Lusky’s camera responds to chance meetings with such objects, contributing to a collection of daily encounters that invite sensitivity on the part of the viewer, who is placed momentarily in the role of the photographer and asked to interpret the abandonment of the objects, this is most noticeable in her work Untitled (Tiles), 2017. In addition, photographing them within a sterile studio environment, Lusky revives the objects by providing a new space for them.

Foreground Background emphasizes the transition from the physical presence of the object to its photographic reproduction. Reflecting on the lines between objects and the spaces which they inhabit, the artists expose a similar exploration of the space between the photograph and the observer.

Neta Cones was born in Israel in 1988. She received an honours from Minshar School of Art, Tel Aviv and her BA from The Open University both in 2015. Cones has shown her work extensively in group exhibitions through out Israel and currently lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Shir Lusky was born in Israel in 1988 and received her BA in Art Photography and New Media from the Neri Bloomfield School of Design in 2015. Lusky has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions throughout Israel and has recently completed the Can-Serrat Art Residency in Barcelona. She currently lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Opening Reception: Friday 28th December 2017, 11:30am-2:30pm