Jonathan Hamburger: Nucleus

4th November – 23rd November 2017


Omer Tiroche Gallery is proud to present Nucleus, a solo presentation by artist Jonathan Hamburger. Having lived and exhibited abroad in New York and Philadelphia for the past ten years, this will be his first exhibition since returning home to Israel.

Nucleus  showcases Hamburger’s brand-new body of work, comprised of fifteen paintings that focus on the exploration of the artist’s own inner self; his nucleus. The word nucleus in Hebrew also means seed, or kernel, thus Hamburger’s work simultaneously points to aspects of the biological and physical world, as well as the strength of hidden potential within oneself and the question of birth and renewal.

Hamburger is renowned for his expressionistic and psychological portraits of his loved ones and acquaintances, whose features he would characteristically distort through bold shapes and colours. Since his return to Israel, he has now turned his gaze from others, inwards towards himself, reflecting both reality and his subconscious. Subsequently, fictional characters have emerged, seemingly familiar and unknown. Hamburger often states that his paintings are of “people I’ve never seen before, and seen countless times”.

Each work is illuminated by his strong use of contrasting, phosphorescent colours and bold brushstrokes, which can be seen in Nature vs Nurture, 2017. Here he demonstrates his practice of combining the exploration of inner and outer realities. Hamburger’s new portraits are set in abstract landscapes, progressing further into the world of self-expressionism and developing on from his previous body of works, whilst also inviting viewers to meet intimate sentiments and emotions that normally do not get centre stage.

Jonathan Hamburger, was born in Israel in 1979. He studied at Tel-Aviv University and received a BFA and B.Sc in Film and Mathematics. He later went to achieve a Masters in Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) in Philadelphia. Hamburger has shown his work extensively in the US, most noticeably at The PAFA museum in 2014, as well as exhibiting at the Artists’ Greenhouse in the Fresh Paint Art Fair in Tel-Aviv, 2014.

Hamburger currently lives and works in Tel Aviv-Jaffa


Opening Reception: Friday 3rd November 2017, 12:00-3:00pm