7th  August- 31st August 2017

Curated by Naomi Malka, Uri Pinner and Naama Reiner


Omer Tiroche gallery is proud to present a group exhibition of photographers from Ezer Mizion- Beit Oranit organization. The exhibition features short glances from the intimate lives of twelve individuals with diverse backgrounds, who were it not for their shared fate, may have never met.

Through the camera lens, each of the artists documents personal moments of their experiences.

Eyes dazzled by bright rays of sunlight, trying to look up towards the sky; a still life in its splendor; a moment of laughter between father and son; inner silence in the safe and familiar space of the home; the buzz of continuous life, a journey to another place in a different phase in life. All these are simple moments that a healthy person may tend to dismiss. On the other hand, there are some difficult images; The path to the patient’s bed, the constraints and limitations as a result of the illness. However, through the documentation and coping with all the difficulties, new emotions are formed and thus resulted in a new understanding of peace within themselves.

We were honored to have worked with a united, supportive and mutually encouraging group. Unique individuals who precisely because of their endurance of their condition, discover the depths of their souls and found inspiration there. Each of the artists has a complex inner universe, and we see a brief glimpse that is frozen forever in the moment it was photographed; mirrors of their intimate world at their most vulnerable times.