• Pygmalion


10 September – 1st December 2015

This September, Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art, Jaffa, presents a unique project from Saar Maderer, featuring a series of his paintings and video art alongside photography by Yael Schiller.

Maderer and Schiller created the new works together during their recent dance collaboration, Water Stamp. The resultant exhibition borrows the myth of Pygmalion to recreate the desires and frustrations of an artistic process. Depicting fragmented bodies with faces contorted by pain, Maderer’s surreal portraits are painted in meticulously bright detail; Schiller takes a more hazy approach- her lens is a sleepy eye pinning down the things only half seen but deeply felt.

Designed to engage its audience in a meta-theatrical experience, the show is a dizzying tangle of limbs and blurred lights; it is a hall of mirrors that endlessly reflects creative distortions.

About the Artist

Saar Maderer was born in 1992, in Ra’anana, Israel. He has been painting since he was ten years old, beginning at Ra’anana’s Art Centre and continuing to develop his technique throughout his dance studies. After graduating from the Maslool Bikuray Haetim dance program, he joined the Fresco Dance Company. Over the past two years, he collaborated with Yael Schiller in producing the choreography piece Water Stamp- the original inspiration for the work in this exhibition.

Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art, Jaffa, provides a non-profit exhibition platform for Israeli and international artists.

Preview: 10th September 2015, 6 – 10 pm. Mazal Moznaim 2, Old Jaffa, 6803787, Israel.