• The Making of The Making of
  • The Making of The Making of
  • The Making of The Making of
  • The Making of The Making of

The Making of The Making of

21th November – 18th December 2019


Omer Tiroche Gallery is proud to present The Making of The Making of, a group exhibition curated by Rei Dishon and Mor Reshef Sivan in collaboration with OMA and iArtist. This exhibition focuses on the individual developments and methods of twelve different artists, whilst also exploring the relationship between traditional artistic mediums and new innovative forms of digital art.

The works throughout the exhibition are completed through the use of a downloadable smartphone application called Artivive. Each artist is able to create new dimensions to their pieces by adding a digital layer of augmented reality to a physical oil on canvas or work on paper. As a result of using the app as a visual aid, this tool also addresses the viewers role in bringing each piece to life, as they are required to view the artwork through their own digital devices. Viewers are therefore responsible for unlocking a hidden layer that reveals the artist’s process of their work.

Throughout the exhibition, the viewer encounters different interpretations of ‘The Making of’ aided by the app; some artists use augmented reality videos to portray the different stages of their work, some illustrate the story behind them, whilst others reveal their inspiration. Each artist provides a digital history and context to their paintings, and how and why they were created. Joseph Beuys famously declared that “everyone is an artist”; this exhibition certifies Beuys’ notion through using the app, which intrinsically links the viewer to the artwork by making them the key to unveiling its inherent meaning.

In today’s era of social media, boundaries between fiction and reality are increasingly blurred. The ancient Hebrew proverb, “don’t look at the jug but rather look at what’s inside”, becomes more and more significant in contemporary society and calls for a return to truth. Applied to the realm of art, this evokes a need to contextualise and follow the artist’s process from start to finish.

The Making of The Making of opens a digital dialogue between the viewer and the artist, revealing the foundations of their work using innovative technology, that would otherwise not br visible to the naked eye. The app has a grounding effect, placing the viewer in direct conversation with the artist though a digital platform and provides a greater insight into their work and practice as a whole.

Featured artists: Ofek Elia | Eli Geller | Darryl Erez-Hutchison | David D’Or | Hee-Lee soffer | Yael Barlev |  Lotem Hiki | Noga kara | Keren farrago |  Joshua and Rony Griffit | Ronit Zweig | Riki Levisman

The exhibition is part of the 2019 illustration week initiated by Portfolio magazine and the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality.

Opening Reception: Friday 22nd November 2019, 12:00 - 14:00