Yana Rishe: Gods of Florentine

22nd July – 31st August 2015

This summer, Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art presents a non-selling exhibition by Russian-born artist Yana Rishe in its new non-profit premises in Jaffa, Israel.

Having trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Rishe established herself as a name in Germany before relocating to the South of Tel Aviv. This exhibition is a poetic vision of the artist’s new life in bohemian Florentine, creating a personal mythology of gods and other-worldly creatures. Peering further in, you’ll discover that these dynamic images are a springboard for imagination: Jeweled women float in underwater light; monstrous sea-creatures advance from unfathomable depths; a glowing Narcissus is caught like a fly in amber; sleepers are darkly lit by eerie neon.

Like movie stills, the paintings are static but charged with the electricity of a fleeting moment. Bringing together elements of past, present and future- as well as questioning ideas of Media and universal truth- Gods of Florentine switches out the ordinary for the extraordinary.

Preview: 23rd July 2015