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  • Galleries Rise to a New Reality

    Financial Times on 12 December 2020

    Art and high-end luxury seem particularly aligned in London at the moment. The gallerist Omer Tiroche — whose Conduit Street neighbours include Vivienne Westwood and Berluti — has reopened a show that pairs Hermès bags with paintings by artists including Andy Warhol, Piero Manzoni and Zao Wou-Ki. Read More
  • The stylish concept combines 10 luxury handbags from the Hermès archive, including the famous models Birkin and Kelly Hermès, with 10 paintings by world-famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Christo, Pierre Soulages, Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Yayoi Kusama and others. Read More
  • Step into the beautifully bespoke world of Hermès at the Omer Tiroche Gallery. If you’re anything like our fav Icy Girl Saweetie, creating IG accounts for your Birkins (or at least we can dream) then this is the exhibit for you. Read More
  • We’ve seen our fair share of Hermès bags as high art—whether it was George Condo’s painting on a Birkin bag that Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian for Christmas in 2013, Birkin stone replica by Barbara Ségal owned by Rihanna, or even Paris Hilton’s pink Birkin bag, covered in Swarovski crystals. Now, an exhibition opening this week in London pairs up Hermès bags with artworks to draw a parallel between art and luxury handicraft. Read More
  • 15 October - 18 December: Art of Hermès

    Hermès has a legendary status that very few reach in the realm of fashion. Its bags are considered by many to be works of art in themselves, and of course there are those who appropriate them as canvases for their own art (remember the Kanye West bag?) Omer Tiroche Gallery in Mayfair is presenting Hermès bags alongside artworks by some of the most influential post-war artists including Warhol, Fontana, Christo and more. The exhibition highlights the similarities between the bags and artworks, emphasising the parallels between a unique work of art and the exclusivity of a hand-crafted Hermès bag.
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  • The rise of fashion brand shops around Mayfair is often decried by the trade, but this month a local gallery is leaning into the similarities between fine art and high-end fashion. Omer Tiroche Gallery’s exhibition The Art of Hermès suggests that the French company’s handbags may be considered sculptural items to enhance and complement art of the 1950s-80s. Read More
  • Vanity Fair Art: Omer Tiroche Gallery

    Vanity Fair 15th June 2020

    Omer Tiroche Gallery focuses on Modern, Post-War and Contemporary art and commenced operation in 2014, opening its permanent space in Mayfair in 2015. Since then, the gallery has held regular solo exhibitions that have included, Salvador Dalí, Alexander Calder, Victor Vasarely, Niki de Saint Phalle, Pablo Picasso, Franz West and Yayoi Kusama, as well as historically-themed group exhibition; in 'Prière de Toucher – Homage to Maeght' the gallery remounted the Surrealist movement's third official exhibition, curated by Duchamp and Breton and hosted by Galerie Maeght in 1947; 'Un Art Autre' brought together a selection of artworks by artists from the second School of Paris of Post-War abstract male and female painters. Read More
  • Galleries are turning to new strategies and tactics to sustain their businesses during widespread shelter-in-place orders. Learn what Artsy gallery partners around the world are doing to keep collectors connected to their artists and programming. Read More
  • The most prolific figure whose entire oeuvre developed upon the Surrealist influences was Salvador Dalí. Known for his impressive paintings, sculptures, furniture design, and, of course, his eccentric persona, the artist always searched for new challenges to express himself regardless of conventions, genres or any other restrictions. Read More
  • It’s no secret that the art world is full of big egos. In order to get ahead in life, a little bit of confidence and self-belief are vital to make sure you survive. But, what does having an “ego” really mean? We all have one, and actually, according to Sigmund Freud, this “ego” is not a sole element, but one that tries to balance itself with two other components: the “id” and the “superego.” In a new investigation of self-portraiture at Omer Tiroche in London, a mix of paintings and photographs explore a psycho-analytical theory of personality. Read More
  • Until 20th December, The Omer Tiroche Gallery, in London, are displaying ‘The Luxury of Tenderness,’ a striking painting by Marlene Dumas, who studied psychology, documenting the personal journal of her pregnancy. Read More
  • The World of Interiors: Exhibition Diary

    The World of Interiors September 2019 issue

    OMER TIROCHE GALLERY CONDUIT ST, Animalia: Freud’s Dürer-influenced Dead Bird on a Bamboo Table (1944) figures in this menagerie of animals depicted by 20th- and 21st-century artists. Read More
  • Where to see and buy art in London this summer weekend including animal paintings at Omer Tiroche.

    Chagall, Picasso, Calder and Warhol are among the 15 modern and contemporary artists in the high-end yet playful exhibition at Omer Tiroche, ANIMALIA. This colourful summer show showcases depictions of various animals from oxen, dogs, cats, mythical beasts. It includes both the symbolic to the literal with reference to traditional and even prehistoric ideas behind rendering beasts and runs at the Mayfair gallery until September 20. Read More
  • GoWithYamo – Animalia

    GoWithYamo on 28th June 2019

    On the 21st of June 2019, Omer Tiroche Gallery opened their fun filled exhibition ANIMALIA, featuring works by 15 great artists. The exhibition explores the importance of animals to artists throughout the history of art, with some works on display depicting them for their symbolic qualities, whilst others take a more personal and playful approach. Read More
  • Gentleman’s Journal: Tastemakers

    Gentleman's Journal June 2019

    Introducing the 50 most influential people in London's art and design scene. Read More
  • Art critic Tabish Khan brings you ‘The Top Art Exhibitions to see in London’, plus one addition from outside the M25. Each one comes with a concise review to help you decide whether it’s for you. All end soon, so hurry if you want to catch them: Read More
  • The world’s first major art and antiques fair of the year opens today. BRAFA (Brussels Art Fair) was first held in 1956 and opened to non-Belgian dealers in 1995. Last year 64,000 visitors a ended, many of whom were new and younger than before.
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  • Mao Zedong's face is one that most people can instantly recognise; over the years, his image has become more than a mere portrait and has acquired the status of an icon, a symbol for revolution. The current exhibition at Omer Tiroche Gallery explores the impact the Communist leader had on artists who grew up during the Cultural Revolution and how his image still impacts Chinese contemporary art. Read More
  • Un Art Autre, featuring seminal works by artists who were instrumental in forming the radical avant-garde movement that sprung out of Paris in the late 1940s. Un Art Autre (Art of Another Kind) is also known as Art Informel which is often used as an umbrella term that encompasses the development of various European Post-War movements, such as Lyrical Abstraction, Nouvelle École de Paris, Tachisme and the CoBrA Movement. Read More
  • Yayoi Kusama’s name is synonymous with two things: polka dots and pumpkins. An exhibition dedicated to the artist’s small-scale paintings of pumpkins will take place at London’s Omer Tiroche Gallery from 1 March to 1 June. Consisting of eight works, Yayoi Kusama: Small Pumpkin Paintings is the first gallery to publicly display this body of work in the UK. Read More
  • Chaque exposition de Yayoi Kusama attire les foules. C’est pour ses citrouilles à pois qu’elle est surtout connue. En noir et blanc ou en couleur, ces citrouilles s’exposent en format miniature dans une exposition inédite à la Omer Tiroche Gallery, la première exposition qui rassemble l’ensemble de cette collection de petits dessins au Royaume-Uni. Des pumpkins très graphiques et pop. Read More
  • Yayoi Kusama: Small Pumpkins, Omer Tiroche Gallery "I was enchanted by their charming and winsome form. What appealed to me most was the pumpkin’s generous unpretentiousness,” said Yayoi Kusama of the humble gourd. Her small-scale pumpkin paintings have now taken over Omer Tiroche Gallery in bright yellow force. Read More
  • Diplomat Magazine: Yayoi Kusama Small Pumpkin Paintings

    Diplomat Magazine on 1st April 2018

    Small-scale pumpkin paintings by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama are now on view and for sale at the Omer Tiroche Gallery. One of Kusama’s best loved and most iconic motifs, the pumpkins are a visual embodiment of her childhood as well as her present psychological state.The artist’s obsessive use of this motif is interpreted as an attempt to control her fears. For information visit Read More
  • studio international: The Armory Show 2018

    Studio International on 25th March 2018

    This year's Armory Show offered viewers an impressive selection of works by a wide range of artists from around the world. Curated sections emphasised performance and installation, as well as interactions between art and technology. The enduring influence of postwar art and the historic avant grade was abundantly clear in the works from the end of the last century, as well as in more recent creations. Read More
  • Three incredible artists are giving audiences an exclusive look into their integral artistic experiences by opening up their studios. At this unconventional art exhibition, visitors are not simply invited to be outside observers of the artwork, but rather they’re welcomed into the artists’ creative processes. Read More
  • Omer Tiroche Gallery showcases the colourful work of Yayoi Kusama this spring, with an exhibition featuring her most iconic of motifs - the pumpkin. Get up close and personal with a colourful array of her small-scale pumpkin paintings, a collection which has been brought together in one gallery space for the first time in the UK. Read More

    Les Echos on 20th March 2018

    Attendu par tous les amoureux des arts graphiques, la 27e édition du Salon du dessin s'annonce cette année encore riche en découvertes. Read More
  • Three are specialists in modern and contemporary art, including Omer Tiroche Gallery, from London, which brings pieces by artists including Pablo Picasso and Alexander Calder (booth range €25,000 to €1m). Read More
  • Whatever their size, the Yayoi Kusama pumpkin works are instantly recognizable. Aside from her equally recognizable polka dots, pumpkins have been a passion of the artist for more than six decades. Read More
  • On March 21, the 27th edition of the Salon du Dessin kicks off in Paris with a roster of 39 international dealers who specialize in important works on paper. First-time exhibitors include Onno Van Seggelen of Rotterdam, who is offering a rare drawing by the 18th-century Dutch artist Reinier Vinkeles, and Omer Tiroche of London, who will be presenting a selection of 20th-century drawings, including Pablo Picasso’s double-sided Fishermen (1957), executed in black and brown pencil. In addition to the fair, a host of collateral events and exhibitions will be held in the City of Light. The fair runs through March 26 at the Palais Brongniart. Read More
  • Remember that exhibition of massive, spotted pumpkins that Londoners queued around the block for a few year ago? It's back in town. Sort of. Yayoi Kusama's artwork will be on show in a smaller-scale offshoot of that exhibition, 'Small Pumpkin Paintings', which is exactly what it sounds like. Expect to see psychedelic pumpkins all over your Instagram feed again. Read More
  • Artsy: What Sold at The Armory Show

    Artsy on 11th March 2018

    Omer Tiroche, a London-based dealer, opened a space on Conduit Street three years ago in order to be able to participate in fairs like The Armory Show, which still require galleries to have a permanent, brick-and-mortar location in order to exhibit. He brought a series of collages from 1980 and 1981 by Yayoi Kusama, which feature magazine clippings, many of birds, given to her by her former lover Joseph Cornell. Priced at $300,000, they were grabbing a lot of media attention and a lot of interest from collectors from Asia, South America, and New York, said Tiroche. Read More
  • Keep an eye out for collages by Yayoi Kusama from London’s Omer Tiroche Gallery. Read More
  • Highlights include a collection of rare collages by Yayoi Kusama at Omer Tiroche Gallery. Read More
  • VernissageTV: The Armory Show 2018

    VernissageTV on 9th March 2018

    Omer Tiroche Gallery featured in VernissageTV's tour of The Armory Show 2018 Read More
  • When she was living in New York during the 1960s, Yayoi Kusama entered into an intense though platonic romance with the reclusive artist Joseph Cornell, and when he died in 1972 he left her a shoebox filled with his precious clippings from nature magazines—the birds, insects, and other animals that he famously used in his surrealistic so-called Cornell boxes. Devastated, Kusama moved back to her native Japan in 1973 and, in 1977, checked herself into the hospital where she lives and works to this day.

    A few years later, however, Kusama took out Cornell’s shoebox and, in homage to her late lover, began turning the clippings into collages, centering them on monochrome paper and ringing them with her own signature “infinity” nets and dots. In total, she made about 150 of them, selling many of them to Japanese collectors, and for the past five years the enterprising London dealer Omer Tiroche has been painstakingly buying them back. Displayed as a partial set for the first time at the Armory Show, the diminutive collages line the wall of his booth, drawing in a steady stream of intrigued collectors.

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  • Quiet Lunch: Armory Show for Eva

    Quiet Lunch on 8th March 2018

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year (for contemporary and modern art junkies)! As winter storm Quinn hammers the Northeast with heavy snow, Manhattan looks like a Victorian snow globe version of a miniature Gotham City. It almost feels like Christmas, but we are in early March and it’s the VIP preview Day for the Armory Show, New York’s premier international art fair, which will be showcasing outstanding 20th and 21st century artworks by both established and emerging artists.  Although tackling the prima donna of U.S. art fairs might seem like a Sisyphean task, I am personally very excited (giddy, complete with the silly smile planted on my face) to attend this binge worthy selection of “the very best” that international Contemporary and Modern art galleries have to offer. Read More
  • Yayoi Kusama: Small Pumpkin Painting, Omer Tiroche Gallery, London Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is renowned for her use of dots in a variety of media, including drawing, sculpture, film and performance. This show at Omer Tiroche Gallery features a series of small-scale ‘pumpkin paintings’ that are being shown for the first time in the UK. Kusama describes them as a form of self-portraiture, with the images relating to her childhood when her family would survive primarily off pumpkin-based dishes. Read More
  • Yayoi Kusama collages at Omer Tiroche Gallery Perhaps you have savored Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Rooms,” waiting hours in line for the pleasure of posing within their mirrors. Perhaps you have enjoyed her “Infinity Net” paintings and their bewitching organic repetition. Well, then it is time to head over to the booth of this London gallery, which has a row of six collages that the Japanese phenom made in 1980 and 1981. They’re small but strong: a central image—an eagle, say—sits at the center of each, ornamented with meticulous lines and a glowing border. They look like cells under a microscope, or celestial bodies. They are superb. Read More
  • Financial Times: Live and Let Buy

    Financial Times on 5th March 2018

    Omer Tiroche has filled his space with Yayoi Kusama's pumpkin painting made between 1991 and 2003. Read More
  • When Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama brought her exhibition of massive, spotted pumpkins to London back in 2016, they became an Instagram heavy-hitter. With infinity mirrors providing a never-ending stretch of trippy gourds to pose among, the hallucinogenic rooms turned a whole new generation onto the nearly-90-year-old visual pioneer. Read More
  • A new exhibition in London features a series of small pumpkin paintings by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Known for her signature use of pumpkins in artworks ranging from large-scale sculptures to paintings, her latest series is comprised of 3D-effect pumpkins that are contrasted against a flat infinity net background. Named Yayoi Kusama: Small Pumpkin Paintings, the exhibition at Omer Tiroche Gallery is open now through June 1st. Read More
  • Known to art lovers everywhere as the Queen of Polka Dots, Yayoi Kusama is also renowned for another spotty masterpiece: pumpkins. Perhaps the most Instagrammed artist ever, her installations brought thousand people queues to London’s Victoria Miro Gallery last year, and since Blighty’s capital has been craving her creations. Finally, she’ll be back, and the exhibition will consist of Kusama’s small-scale pumpkin paintings that have never been on public display in the UK before. Read More
  • AnOther: Yayoi Kusama’s 1980s Nature Collages

    AnOther on 26th February 2018

    Mention Yayoi Kusama and among the first things to spring to mind are pumpkins, spots, the colour orange and infinity mirror installations. Collage forms a lesser-known niche of the Japanese artist’s oeuvre, but she produced many over the course of the 1980s and 90s, and thanks to Omer Tiroche Gallery, a selection of pieces from 1980 and 81 will be shown as part of New York’s upcoming Armory Show (and in conjunction with a London exhibition of the same gallery, focusing on Kusama’s small-scale pumpkin paintings). Read More
  • When Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama brought her exhibition of massive, spotted pumpkins to London back in 2016, they became an Instagram heavy-hitter. With infinity mirrors providing a never-ending stretch of trippy gourds to pose among, the hallucinogenic rooms turned a whole new generation onto the nearly-90-year-old visual pioneer.

    Now, there's a smaller-scale offshoot of that exhibition to London: taking over the Omer Tiroche Gallery near Bond Street with  ‘Small Pumpkin Paintings’. A feature in her work since the 1940s, they may not be as grand as their 3D cousins, but these pumpkin pics represent an essential part of Yayoi’s oeuvre. And the spotted gallery wall won’t look too bad in a selfie, if that’s what you’re really after.

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  • Yayoi Kusama has gained fame for her infinity rooms that use mirrors so they look like they go on forever (though the queues to see one is similarly eternal). The other thing she's known for are her polka dot pumpkin sculptures. This Mayfair gallery brings together her smaller pumpkin paintings, works that have never been displayed together in the UK before. Read More
  • London Calling: This Week: 5 – 11 March

    London Calling on 5th March 2018

    Yayoi Kusama is one of the most important Japanese contemporary artists and her polka dot patterned pumpkins are an instantly recognizable motif of pop art. The troubled artist, a member of the 1960s New York art scene, suffers from hallucinations and OCD and the 3D dots and infinity nets are actually how she experiences the world around her. The repetitive use of the pumpkin motif is usually interpreted as an attempt to control her fears, however Kusama has also accused her former friend Andy Warhol of stealing her idea for his Marilyns! The Omer Tiroche Gallery has created a friendly and playful space to showcase a small but important collection, which is displayed together for the first time in the UK. Read More
  • Yayoi Kusama’s name is synonymous with two things: polka dots and pumpkins. Since first exhibiting Mirror Room (Pumpkin) at Venice Biennale in 1993, pumpkins of all sizes covered in dots have proliferated in her work. Now an exhibition dedicated to the artist’s small-scale paintings of pumpkins will take place at London’s Omer Tiroche Gallery from 1 March to 1 June. Read More
  • As well as her signature infinity mirrors, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is known for her use of pumpkins in mediums ranging from paintings to large-scale sculptures. Kusama has worked with pumpkins since the 1940s, when she was studying at the Kyoto School of Arts and Crafts. A new exhibition in London features a series of small pumpkin paintings by Kusama, the first time that these works have been displayed together in the UK. Read More
  • It’s a big month for Yayoi Kusama. The Japanese contemporary artist will be turning 89 in a few weeks and three shows devoted to her work are opening this weekend alone. It has been more than half a century since Kusama left her hometown of Matsumoto, so it’s only fitting that the city’s museum of art has opened a major retrospective called “Yayoi Kusama: All About My Love” to celebrate the institute’s 15th anniversary. Simultaneously “Infinity Mirrors” has opened at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto after a successful run in the US and “Small Pumpkin Paintings” launched at London’s Omer Tiroche Gallery. Kusama’s creations help her to confront the hallucinations she has battled since her early childhood (pumpkins features prominently). Her art is made to efface the self and it will let you escape the here and now too. Read More
  • The Luxury Columnist: On the Hotlist

    The Luxury Columnist on 1st March 2018

    Yayoi Kusama is one of our favourite living artists and we were lucky to see some of her work in Ginza, Tokyo. This month there’s a new exhibition featuring her iconic pumpkin paintings at Omer Tiroche Gallery in Mayfair. Yayoi Kusama: Small Pumpkin Paintings displays a range of works together for the first time in the UK. They represent her childhood and the conflict between escapism and reality. Read More
  • Fabric Magazine: Yayoi Kusama’s New Exhibition

    Fabric Magazine on 1st March 2018

    Avant-garde artist Kusama is best known for her provocative ‘happenings’ and hallucinatory paintings of loops and dots. So this intimate exhibition of small-scale paintings is an unexpected delight. Kusama’s family survived primarily off pumpkin dishes when she was a child – as the visual embodiment of her childhood and present psychological state, they are a form of self-portraiture. Viewed up close, you can see that these paintings are an amalgamation of two motifs she has revisited throughout her career: polka dots and infinity nets. Mesmerising. Read More
  • LONDON.- Omer Tiroche Gallery kicked off their 2018 programme with an exhibition dedicated to small- scale pumpkin paintings by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. This is the first time that this small body of work is being displayed together in the UK. Read More
  • Town & Country: Ten Exhibitions To See This Spring

    Town & Country on 22nd February 2018

    "I was enchanted by their charming and winsome for." The Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has said of pumpkins, which she began painting back in the 1940s. This exhibition of small-scale paintings allows for a closer study of a motif that has profound personal significance to the artist, brought to life using her signature polka-dot patterns. Read More
  • Aesthetica – Yayoi Kusama: Rapturous Installations

    Aesthetica on 22nd February 2018

    In 2014, at the age of 85, Yayoi Kusama (b.1929) was named the world’s most popular artist. According to museum attendance data, her striking work attracted over 2 million visitors in 12 months. It is unsurprising, then, that most of her exhibitions in recent years have been large-scale and globally resonant affairs. From March, however, a more intimate retrospective is on show at Omer Tiroche Gallery, London. Read More
  • Flash Art: Art Stage Singapore 2018

    Flash Art on 17 February 2018

    Similarly, the notion of the collector as a key figure and benefactor of the art fair was on display in “Calder on Paper,” which presented a number of mobiles and works on paper from the private collection of Micky Tiroche. Another highlight of the fair was organized by the Southeast Asia Art Forum, who exhibited a design collection by The Artling, an art advisory and online gallery run by a prominent collector in Singapore, whose collection was featured at the fair in previous editions. Read More
  • Fabric Magazine: Hot List

    Fabric Magazine on 19th February 2018

    Avant-garde artist Kusama is best known for her provocative ‘happenings’ and hallucinatory paintings of loops and dots. So this intimate exhibition of smallscale paintings is an unexpected delight. Kusama’s family survived primarily o pumpkin dishes when she was a child – as the visual embodiment of her childhood and present psychological state, they are a form of self-portraiture. Viewed up close, you can see that these paintings are an amalgamation of two motifs she has revisited throughout her career: polka dots and infinity nets. Mesmerising. Read More
  • Singapore is a vibrant hub at the best of times, but it doubles up as a key global centre for contemporary art, as the world focuses on Singapore Art Week. Over the period of seven days the city hosts a major international art fair, Art Stage Singapore as well the many public and commercial art displays. The city welcomes both fine and Urban art, showcasing some of the best art in the region. Read More
  • On display from the 1st March, this new exhibition of the artist’s work will concentrate on her smallscale pumpkin paintings and is the first time that this small body of work will be displayed together in the UK. The Japanese artist first experimented with her pumpkin works in the 1940s while studying Nihonga – a traditional form of Japanese painting – at the Kyoto School of Arts and Crafts. As one of her most loved and iconic motifs, the pumpkins are the visual embodiment of her childhood as well as her present psychological state. Read More
  • In collaboration with the Tiroche DeLeon private collection, ART STAGE will present both established and emerging contemporary artists from Southeast Asia and beyond. This highlights the co-operative efforts of the fair and its participating galleries and collectors. Working alongside the internationally-renowned collection, Rudolf and collector Serge Tiroche have conceptualised a programme that will exhibit works acquired between 2011-2016 at earlier renditions of ART STAGE Singapore. The selected works will not only be re-exhibitied, but will be given new life, re-invigorated as part of a cohesive exhibitionary collection. Read More
  • “Calder on Paper” is presented by the Omer Tiroche Gallery of London and it brings to the table of ART STAGE Singapore 2018 a unique collection of gouaches on paper by the late American artist Alexander Calder. Read More
  • Artdaily: The Tiroche DeLeon Collection 12 January 2018

    In the first ever unique collaboration between ART STAGE Singapore and an internationally recognised private collection and art fund, ART STAGE Singapore 2018 presents a grand selling exhibition of Asian contemporary works from the Tiroche DeLeon Collection. Read More
  • Mayfair Times: Calder Tapestries on Conduit Street

    Mayfair Times on 15 November 2015

    Pennsylvanian-born sculptor Alexander 'Sandy' Calder is most known for his kinetic sculptures, or tapis. However, the late artist also experimented with elements of soft sculpture and tapestry. Opened last month, Alexander Calder: Tapestries And Their Gouaches, explores the story behind one of the Calder's last projects. Read More
  • Art Roundup: Calder Tapestries on Conduit Street

    Mayfair Times 5th November 2015

    Pennsylvanian-born sculptor Alexander 'Sandy' Calder is most known for his kinetic sculptures, or tapis. However, the late artist also experimented with elements of soft sculpture and tapestry. Opened last month, Alexander Calder: Tapestries And Their Gouaches, explores the story behind one of Calder's last projects. Read More
  • Carpets & Textiles for Modern Interiors: Calder: Tapestries and their Gouaches

    Carpets & Textiles for Modern Interiors on 25 October 2015

    Four tapis and a hammock designed by Alexander Calder were shown alongside related gouache works at Omer Tiroche Gallery in London this autumn. The Mayfair show coincided with the opening of 'Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture' - a Major retrospective at Tate Modern. Read More
  • Artnet: Must See Exhibition

    Artnet, Art Fairs on 15 October 2015

    It's one of the biggest events on the art work calendar: Frieze London is in full swing, featuring work from over 1,000 contemporary artists presented by 160 of the top galleries in the world. Read More
  • Financial Times: The Art Market The Imitation Game

    Financial Times, Art Market on 20 February 2015

    Hardly a month goes by without news of dealers setting up in London, and the latest to be charmed by British skies is the Italian Nicolò Cardi of Milan, creator of Cardi Black Box, the contemporary arm of the renowned family firm of postwar and modern art dealers. And Cardi isn’t doing small: he is taking on a townhouse just two doors away from Zwirner at 22 Grafton Street. Nearby in Conduit Street, another young’un is opening a gallery: Omer Tiroche, 23. Read More
  • artnet Asks: London Gallerist Omer Tiroche

    artnet News on 10 February 2015

    Omer Tiroche has just opened his first space in the heart of London’s Galleryland: Mayfair. And he did in style. The inaugural exhibition, “Redefining Paint: Germany and Austria since 1970s” gathers a slew of heavy-hitters that would make many far more senior dealers envious: Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke, Anselm Kiefer, and Franz West, among others. Read More
  • The Art Newspaper – In the Trade

    The Art Newspaper 9th February 2015

    Second generations bring Korean art to London. Two new galleries are bringing Korean art to Mayfair. Omer Tiroche, the son of the Israeli collector-dealer Micky Tiroche, has opened OTCA (Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art) on Conduit Street. His first exhibition, "Redefining Paint: Germany and Austria since 1970" closes on 1st May, with the next show dedicated to Korean Works from his collection. Read More